We are a group of investors and business operators who believe in the power of qualified people
and talented, with well-applied management models make a difference in business results.

That is why one of our differentials is the direct involvement with the day-to-day of our companies, where we seek to be partners of few good businesses.

We go beyond deep financial and strategic knowledge , we believe that good people and aligned in a trusting environment, working with method and focus on constant improvement can generate solid and long-term results.


Our Purpose

Our Principles

Purposes and Principles

We believe that well-touched businesses are powerful tools for improving the world in which we live. They are vehicles that provide the growth of people in the most diverse aspects of life.


We believe  what business is done with People and Management. We seek to be together with companies with high potential for growth and to aspire to build relevant and lasting legacies.


We want to be an example.  We aspire to improve companies in Brazil by focusing primarily on people and management excellence.


We build winning companies with Results Culture and Long-term Vision.


1. We invest in good business and take care of our customers.


2. We align all the participants acting as a team, forming good people and sharing the laurels


3. We cultivate frankness and an excellent working environment


4. We have ambitious people and goals that challenge our current ability to deliver


5. We tirelessly seek learning and growth, preferring to promote than hiring


6. We are self-reliant, but we cultivate humility


7. We are obsessed with results, constantly investing in revenue growth and cost savings.


8. We Are Focused on Execution, Fast and Creative


9. We are oriented to processes, automation and constant quality improvement.


10. We seek our personal fulfillment for the passion in what we do


11. We believe that well-touched businesses are instruments of transformation and improvement of society


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